Merlin Vinyl Liners

Merlin Industries, INC.
Aqua-Max Liners
Hand Crafted Quality

Specifically formulated to provide greater ultraviolet resistance and far greater resistance to todays pool chemical systems and chemical misuse.

Aqua-Max vinyl contain over twice as much anti-fungal and anti-bacteria protection than standard liners.

Aqua-Max by the Percentages

50% more topcoat to help prevent scuffs and stains.
25% better resistance to chlorine bleaching.
25% longer life expectancy than standard liners.
20% more UV resistance for longer-lasting color.

What Aqua-Max Has to Offer

This liner offers 27-mil wall, and a 20-mil floors, to give the upmost protection.

Aqua-Intense Liners
Hand Crafted Quality

*Textured Vinyl*
*Luster Links*

Uniquely formulated with state-of-the-art technology. Stylish, stunning, and crafted with details unlike standard liners.

What Aqua-Intense Has to Offer

This liner offers a 27-mil wall, and a 20-mil floor thickness, giving you the most protection you will ever need.

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