Never buy a spa that is controlled by a computer
  • There is nothing on a spa that requires a computer to operate.
  • The only one who benefits from spa computers is the repairman.
Never buy a spa that turns off
  • Stagnant water is usually unhealthy.
  • Stagnant water requires more maintenance.
  • Turning a pump off and on reduces pump life.
Never buy a spa with a 2 speed pump
  • They are unacceptably noisy when you are trying to relax in the spa at night.  They can also be heard inside the house.
  • They cause the water to overheat during the summer time unless turned off during the day.
  • They are expensive to operate.  The newer technology in the spa industry is gradually phasing out the 2-speed pump because of its high operating cost.
Never buy a spa that sucks through the filter
  • No correctly engineered filter system sucks through the filter.
  • This type of filter requires considerably more cleaning maintenance and expense.
  • Restricting the water coming to a pump reduces its pumping ability.

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